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The Project: The Downtown Move

The Client: A family just moved into a new much larger home in downtown Sioux Falls.

The Struggle: Organizing the new home ensuring everything is put in its place, and making the new house feel like home

Their Custom Designed Freedom Plan: To take coordinate unpacking the house, and with coordinating work to be completed after move in.

Move in assistance

  • Scheduling various appointments for minor repairs and work

  • Being available to let work crews in

  • Following up to ensure work is completed on time

  • Purchasing necessary cleaning supplies


  • Working with the Interior Designer

  • Unpacking and organizing rooms

  • Special care to kitchen, like adding drawer liners

  • Disposing of moving boxes and materials

  • Organizing home offices, with special care of sensitive files.

What I Love About This Project:

I have helped lots of families move and know first hand that there is a lot of work involved in the whole process. From coordinating utilities, to organizing new spaces, there is a long list of things, that simply can’t get done when you are working full time job. I loved that I could take the pressure off of this family so that they could settle in more quickly to their new home and start making new memories of fun and laughter.