Client Testimonials

 Single Mom moving to Sioux Falls, SD

I just moved to Sioux Falls from Arizona. I am a single mom with a seven-month-old son. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed with all the unpacking I had to do. I went on Thumbtack seeking help and Melanie of Priceless Priorities was the only one that offered to help. She came to my home and helped me so much. We unpacked 90% of my boxes while finding a home for most of it. I was beyond grateful! It was everything I needed. You never know how much this can help until she is there helping you organize your life.

- Amber

Willing to tackle a variety of projects...

Do you know how God sometimes just drops people into your life so that you know He is real? Among many others in my life, Melanie is one of those people. She is sincere, confidential, and so willing to tackle a variety of projects. Not only does she clear the clutter off my counter but takes the clutter of my endless "to-do's" so I can better focus on what I love. Time is our most valuable resource - thank you Melanie for helping me be true to my priorities.

- Carolyn

I jumped on Melanie's Spring Cleaning special and it was the best money I've spent in a long time! She cleaned things I didn't even have on my list! I stay so busy that taking care of the space I live in isn't a priority for me. I've been noticing little things she's cleaned since she left and every time I'm like "Dang! That's awesome!" Everything feels lighter and happier after my deep cleaning session!

- Abby

I had thrown out my back and needed help with housework immediately. Melanie squeezed me in day of and amazed me with all she got done in a mere two hours. It was like Christmas coming to a spotless home with all my chores and housework done. She really is such a blessing to busy working moms like myself!

- Patricia

Priceless Priorities Client Testimonial, Sioux Falls, SD

Mom with daughters, SD

Melanie did an amazing job with my daughters room and toy room! Quick easy so looks amazing now!! Would recommend her for any job you have!

- Mel

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Christmas time move

We were in the middle of a stressful move, a week before Christmas. I was working full days right before our move & feeling anxiety about all the last minute cleaning, etc. My husband & I spoke to Melanie & she instantly made us feel secure in knowing she would take charge. The morning of moving day she showed up & instantly went to work moving from room to room meticulously cleaning our home. When we left the closing for our home, the buyers stopped us to tell us they were thrilled with how clean we left the house! Hiring Melanie was worth every cent!! It bought me so much more than just a clean home!

- Jen

Melanie mixes professionalism with genuine care and commitment. She will not only help you with whatever your situation may be, but has the expertise to provide many resources. I cannot speak highly enough about who she is as a person and her business Priceless Priorities. Thank you!

- Angela

Melanie and her crew are just the best! They’ve come to clean our house twice now and it’s just fantastic to walk in our house! They pay attention to details and it just smells awesome!!

- Libby

Melanie helped me greatly by watching my dog JoJo for a few days. She is very reliable, dependable, and professional and I would not hesitate to recommend her to others. Thanks again Melanie!


Special sort of review here

My husband and I have hit road-blocks with the inspection on the home we recently put an offer in on. Because of this we decided to not follow through with our contract at this time. Today I called Melanie to inform her that we'd have to withdrawal our reservation for cleaning OUR ENTIRE current rental at move-out. 

When she answered her phone, she called me by my first name without hesitation and was insanely understanding and pleasant even though the content of our conversation would strip her of quite a bit of income. 

Not enough people, these days, pay attention as much as she does. I realize that addressing me by first name, though we've never met, was simply just because she put my number in her phone for contact....

But nevertheless, fantastic customer service. We cannot wait to hire her in the future!

- Becky

A family move

We had just moved and of course everything that didn’t really have a place ended up in the third stall of our garage. We had Priceless Priorities come and help us sort and find a place for everything. It is organized and we have the third stall back. I can walk to the work bench again and get to my tools!! Thanks so much Melanie!!

- Casey

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Melanie and her staff always do an awesome job. She has done so many different things for us I could write a book. But just to mention a few- box packing and unpacking with moving, cleaning, organizing our pantry, organizing our daughters chaotic playroom, and the list goes on.

- Keri

Melanie is a go getter. She puts herself in everything she does. Do yourself a favor CALL. You won't be disappointed!

- Vickie