The Project: Weekly Up Keep for the Busy Family on the Go

The Client: A family with two working professionals in high demand jobs looking to make the most of their time spent together with their children as a family.

The Struggle: Keeping up with the day-to-day responsibilities at home after a full day of work, and having little time left for fun relaxed family time.

Their Custom Designed Freedom Plan: To take over as many of the day-to-day tasks at home as possible. Each week I receive an email with the things the family would like taken care of. Things like…

  • Replace air fresheners

  • Wash walls as needed

  • Clean toothbrush holders and soap dispensers

  • Wash duvet covers

  • Coordinating deliveries

  • Keeping up with laundry

  • Clearing out clothes and household items no longer needed

  • Drop items marked for donation

  • Scheduling appointments

  • Ordering groceries

  • Accepting delivery of groceries & putting them away

  • Playing with the cats

  • Scoop out the litter box

  • Wash mattress covers

  • Clean out the dishwasher drain

  • Clean the dish racks

  • Put away dishes drying on the counter

Priceless Priorities Busy Family On The Go, Sioux Falls, SD.jpeg

What I love about this project:

Being a mom of 5 , I know how hard it can be to stay on top of everything when you work a full time job. I love being able to give this mom and her family peace of mind. I love knowing that when they come home they will have the freedom to just be together as a family and the most of their time together.

Client Praise:

Melanie, and Priceless Priorities, is an absolute game changer. Before hiring Melanie my husband and I were hanging on by our fingernails. We are working parents and we were exhausted, stressed, fighting, and feeling like our life was simultaneously disorganized and requiring too much of our precious free time.

Enter Melanie. She comes to our home 2-3 hours a week and somehow manages to get about a weekend worth of chores completed. She does all of our laundry, orders us groceries, completes numerous odd tasks like paying a medical bill or scheduling a haircut, and still has time to help us better organize our home so it is easier to maintain. She also looks for things to do proactively, such as suggesting we get our AC unit cleaned or simply making a messy bed.

What I love about Melanie is that she really takes the time to get to know your preferences. I am someone who is looking to offload the mental energy of decision making so when I ask Melanie to say order a treat to be sent to someone on their birthday she will look for something in a price range she knows I'd be comfortable with, leverages her past experience to select something super fun and delicious, and makes all of the arrangements without skipping a beat.

Melanie is also extremely trustworthy - something very important when you are going to provide someone with intimate details of your life.

Melanie knows our security code, has a credit card under our names, and has access to a ton of sensitive information. We trust her completely, and if you are at all unsure at first, just rest assured that she is insured and works with many families just like yours. My husband and I often say that Melanie is the most important person in our marriage and we aren't kidding. She makes our lives work. And she is such a joy and pleasure to have in our lives. We let it all "hang out" with her and we feel like she is part of our support system, helping us to live more effective, efficient, and happy lives. EVERYONE should have a Melanie. <3