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The Project: The World Traveler

The Client: A single mom who dreamed and saved to take her kids on a vacation out of the country.

The Struggle: Having someone she could trust to take care of her home and her cat while they were gone.

Their Custom Designed Freedom Plan: To take care of the home as if it were my own while they were gone, ensuring the welcome home was as stress-free as their vacation.

  • Make sure the cat was cared for including food, water and lots of play time

  • Watering plants

  • Tidying up before they came home

  • Stocking basic groceries before they came home

  • Organizing mail getting rid of the clutter from her mailbox

What I Love About This Project:

I have helped lots of families move and know first hand that there is a lot of work involved in the whole process. From coordinating utilities, to organizing new spaces, there is a long list of things, that simply can’t get done when you are working full time job. I loved that I could take the pressure off of this family so that they could settle in more quickly to their new home and start making new memories of fun and laughter.

Client Praise:

Priceless Priorities helps me focus on my priorities, which are my kids, my business, and graduate school. Because I have Priceless Priorities as my domestic helper, I don't have to worry about some of the loose ends that happen in my household operations. They help keep the processes on my home front running smoothly, which I am so grateful for. They also take care of my cat and water my plants when I'm traveling, connect me with a handyman or other tradesman when appliances break, and even replace my garage opener battery without me asking. Priceless Priorities reduces my stress level and makes me happy when I come home to a house in ship shape.